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Introductory note from the Founder & Managing Trustee (Mrs. Kethlene Rethcy):

It is always our hearts cry to address any form of disability. We at Green valley charitable trust made a humble beginning by formally inaugurating Ashraya on August 15th 2007 to rehabilitate mentally challenged. It is a residential

rehabilitation centre

for the mentally challenged, who are the most neglected and vulnerable individuals of all the marginal groups in our society today. In the present scenario, with the breakup of the joint family frame work, it has become absolutely essential for institutions of this kind, to help the mentally challenged to lead normal life.

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The Green Valley Charitable Trust has striven now for over seven years to live up to the vision of its creation. We attempt to create an environment for dissemination and exchange of knowledge. Members of the Centre come together in different groups to organize seminars and discussion on subjects that cover a wide spectrum like education, environment, health & social issues.
Apart from organizing our own programmes, we also collaborates with educational institutions & non-governmental organizations and at other times, facilitates the programmes of like-minded institutions. Over this year we reached out to young people. In a unique programme in collaboration with the tribal group located at Anaipallam, a tribal hamlet located near Pillur Dam was organised to bring in awareness among women for good health & education.We have rehabilitated a deserted woman among them by providing a full time job at Ashraya. In all cases, efforts are made to coordinate the activities of Ashraya,

tribal welfare

and educational help to the extent possible while keeping the core concerns in mind.

Our Vision :
To empower the mentally challenged so as to lead a life of dignity and hope.
Our Mission :
To rehabilitate the mentally challenged and provide them with opportunities to develop their potential so as to become useful members of society.
Aims and Objectives:
  • To provide shelter, education assistance and support groups to rehabilitate the mentally challenged children and adults.
  • To provide personalised care
  • To identify the potential of each individual
  • To help develop this potential through proper training
  • To integrate the mentally challenged into the community
  • To inculcate personal, social and moral values
  • To ensure availability of an interdisciplinary team of occupational therapist, speech therapist, physiotherapist, special educator, psychologist, doctors, sports, dance and music therapy teachers, who will provide therapeutic and rehabilitation services.
  • To raise funds to promote organisation with similar objectives.
  • To conduct workshops and training courses for enhancement of staff skill.
  • In short, to improve the quality of life of mentally challenged
Activity Channel:
  • Conducting survey of the mentally challenged individuals of the area
  • Visiting the homes and briefing the family about Ashraya
  • Study of the family history
  • Counselling the family members
  • Identifying the mental disability of the individual
  • Assessment of motor skills
  • Post therapy functional assessment
  • Continued monitoring
Note from Co-founder & trustees:

Our association with Ashraya began since its inception in 2007 and have watched it grow from strength to strength. In the present scenario, with selfishness prevalent everywhere and when even the Parents of the mentally challenged abandon them, it is truly commendable that Ashraya has so willingly and whole-heartedly come forward to care for the most marginalized and venerable section of our society.

Tender Loving Care (TLC) is what everyone needs and this is given in more than full measure to the inmates of Ashraya.

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I am greatly impressed with the dedication commitment and zeal of the staff at Ashraya and I hope and pray that everyone at Ashraya will continue to work with the same zeal and dedication for the glory of humanity.

Facilities Available
Residential Care

Ashraya is one of the very few

rehabilitation centres

that provide residential facility to their inmates. The residential care for adult women has proved a vital support for these women who are otherwise always at risk of being exploited and misused. ASHRAYA provides a safe abode for these women at risk. We also provide counselling and psychotherapy for inmates. This allows them to vent their stress and trauma undergone by them at their home.

Residential Care


Physiotherapy exercises are instrumental tool in keeping us healthy. Our bodies need regular maintenance to perform optimally. Physiotherapy improves strength, balance, mobility, and overall fitness as well as injury prevention and treatment. Most of our inmates are also physically challenged and need physiotherapy for growth & coordination. The therapists visiting Ashraya help restore and improve motion to achieve long-term quality of life among our inmates.


Speech therapy

There are many kinds of speech disorders. The most common among these disorders are stammering disorders. Speech disorders either can be cognitive or can be a result of an injury to the vocal chords or brain. Therefore, speech disorders need to be taken seriously and medical assistance should be sought to help our inmates overcome such disorders.

There are no operations or antibiotic treatment for speech disorders. These disorders are instead treated using speech therapy. Speech therapy involves determining the kind of speech disorder, the magnitude of its seriousness, the cause behind it and finally using relevant type of in home speech therapy technique to address the problem. Our pathologists who address speech disorders conduct therapies regularly and make a continuous assessment of our inmates.

The therapy generally involves various kinds of vocal exercises to help the inmates overcome his or her problem. These exercises can include articulating a word or sound repeatedly, working on tongue twisting sentences, and correcting pronunciation of a letter or word by teaching the right movement of the tongue, jaw or teeth, etc. In case there is a psychological problem, then it might have to be addressed simultaneously with these speech therapy exercises.

Speech therapy

Vocational Guidance and Training
  • Embroidery
  • Tailoring
  • Making paper carry bags
  • Making wire bags
  • Making greeting cards
  • Handicrafts
  • Gardening
  • House keeping
  • Assisting in catering

Vocational Guidance and Training

Vocational Guidance and Training Class

We are planning to introduce music and aroma therapy shortly. The centre identifies the individual needs of each inmate, while establishing an appropriate curriculum in a safe and secure environment thus allowing for easier intervention.
The program is largely designed to address the continued development of physical coordination and motor skills.

Note from Warden (Kalaiselvi) of Ashraya:

It is a great honour and pleasure for me to work with Ashraya. I have attached to the institution since inception and seen through its growth and challenges. I reside with the inmates at Ashraya all through the year and take care of their physical and other daily needs with the help of care takers, vocational trainers and therapists. We have eighteen inmates as on date. Out of these three are boys. Two of them are day scholars and others are residential. My husband helps in daily choirs and teaches drawing to our inmates.


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