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The Green Valley Charitable Trust was registered on 27th March 2007. This Trust is formed by few like minded women who are passionate to serve the people in need. The main objective of the trust is to establish institution which would provide assistance in care and rehabilitation of the mentally, physically challenged, aged, widows, deserted women, orphans, needy children and people affected by environmental hazards without discrimination of caste, colour, creed, sex or religion. And also, to publish books, periodicals, magazines, construct tabloids and provide training etc., which is necessary to spread awareness among the public.

Individuals with special needs are variously known as mentally challenged or intellectually impaired. We see them as the "differently able" and are determined to give a fuller life to those who had been written off. It is generally not recognized and little is known about it. Awareness about their abilities and services to improve their quality or life are inadequate. Almost twenty out of every thousand children in our country constitute the mentally handicapped. However, the existence of a majority of them is confined to the darker corners of human mind and society, as parents suffer from public c shame and humiliation. GVCT was formed with the principle in mind that each and every human being by his or her very existence has a right to live and live with dignity.

"ASHRAYA" is a humble attempt to a wider section of society and transform this awareness into a practical solution giving a better and dignified life such individuals. In today`s life style the week and disabled are neglected by their family members and we identified two areas, which require much attention:

  • Rehabilitation of mentally challenged.
  • The need for Geriatrics.

Hence, "ASHRAYA" and exclusive residential rehabilitation centre which was formally inaugurated on 15th of August 2007, with the objective to take care of health, skill development and clinical therapy of the mentally challenged, who are the most neglected and vulnerable individuals of all the marginal groups in our society today. In the present scenario with the break-up of the joint family framework, it has become absolutely essential for institutions of this kind, to help the mentally challenged to lead normal life. Parents of such children do not find suitable place to train them further once they complete their schooling. And often such adults are left alone at home and they suffer further deterioration and now "ASHRAYA" has come forward to train and take care of such individuals especially in this part of the city.

The mentally challenged include the brain damaged, cerebral palsied, spastic, epileptic, autistic and attention deficit hyperactive disordered individuals.

Our Vision:

To empower the mentally challenged so as to lead a life of dignity and hope.

Our Mission:

To rehabilitate the mentally challenged and provide them with opportunities to develop their potential so so to become useful member of society.

Our Services:
  • ASHRAYA (Residential Rehabilitation Centre for Mentally Challenged Women)
  • Second Chance (Residential Rehabilitation Centre for Mentally Challenged Boys)
  • Little Mountain Crèche (Women Empowerment program)
  • Counselling and Intervention Centre (

    Tribal Welfare

    program among the Irula Tribe)
Aims and Objectives:
  • To provide shelter, education assistance and support groups to rehabilitate the mentally challenged children and adults.
  • To provide personalised care
  • To identify the potential of each individual
  • To help develop this potential through proper training
  • To integrate the mentally challenged into the community
  • To inculcate personal, social and moral values
  • To ensure availability of an interdisciplinary team of occupational therapist, speech therapist, physiotherapist, special educator, psychologist, doctors, sports, dance and music therapy teachers, who will provide therapeutic and rehabilitation services.
  • To raise funds to promote organisation with similar objectives.
  • To conduct workshops and training courses for enhancement of staff skill.
  • In short, to improve the quality of life of mentally challenged

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