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Mental health continues to be a major threat in India with little resource and support available. According to a study conducted by the National Commission on Macroeconomics and Health in 2005, nearly 5% of Indias population suffers from common mental disorders, such as depression and anxiety. We at Second Chance attempt to fill the gap with this new initiative of Green Valley Charitable Trust, as part of our continuing effort in make our community live the life we have and just survive.

Our center Second Chance aims to provide a compassionate, confidential, quality client care. We practice a safe non-judgmental space for you to discuss your thoughts and feelings with a trained professional.

Our Vision

To facilitate communities and individuals struggling with emotional barriers to instill a new level of self-awareness, allowing them self to question their own preconceptions and prejudices, as well as the origins of such thinking processes and behavior.

Our Mission:
  • To sensitise the lay man to mental health issues
  • To provide counseling and rehabilitation services
  • To foster the development of critically reflective skilled practitioners in counseling, psychotherapy and related fields
  • To contribute to the knowledge and evidence base of Counseling Studies
  • To promote the development of professional, ethical and accessible Counseling and Psychotherapy services

Second Chance aims to provide you with the support you need while empowering you to make confident, informed decisions about your life.

Discover yourself:

You may experience feelings of loss after you have lost some one dear and near. The reasons for feelings of loss may vary but it is important to identify and grieve these losses. Grieving is a process and everyone has a unique style of grieving. The process may involve setbacks; the goal is to gain acceptance. Denying painful feelings can lead to unhealthy and self-defeating behaviors.

A crisis can be stressful and you may feel overwhelmed by your feelings. However, facing a crisis successfully can be a motivating experience. The ability to cope and face a crisis situation can be empowering.

With todays highly competitive environment, it is not unusual for students of all age to experience social, personal, or academic problems in their day to day life. The growing pressure to excel everywhere often leads to emotional or psychological turmoil, thus disturbing ones peace of mind.

Remember growing is a continuous process and discussing your problems will enable you to make mature choices and take appropriate actions.

Our Services

Everyone experiences difficult times in our lives, and sometimes we need additional support. Dealing with a problem on your own can be overwhelming. You may feel sad, angry, nervous, frustrated or alone. You dont have to cope alone, there is someone to help.

Get Involved
  • Your help is what allows us to continue to provide critical services to our neighborhoods.
  • Donate: We could not exist without the generous support of our donors. Contribute online today!
  • Take Action: Help us to meet your friend who needs immediate attention.
  • Volunteer: With a variety of volunteer opportunities from assisting in our health centers, or providing administrative assistance, there are a number of ways you can get involved.
  • Special Events: We host a number of special events throughout the year. Attending one or all of them is a great way to show your support!

Monday through Friday - 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Saturday - 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Appointments can be scheduled in person at Ashraya Building or by calling +91 9894111590

EMERGENCY: In the event of a life-threatening mental health emergency, go to the nearest hospital emergency room.

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